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Saturday, September 11, 2010
Just watched - The legend of Bhagat Singh for 20th time. He was a great man. In fact the whole breed of Indian freedom fighters was great. Bhagat Singh, Ashfaqullah Khan, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Lala Lajpat Rai, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Gandhi (I don't prefer to call him Mahatma, as many others also deserve this title, he wasn't alone), Ram Prasad Bismil..... list goes on and on and on... But you don't realize whats good unless you know what is bad. so on the other side we had Nehru and his good for nothing heirs. The seeds of hatred and enmity they planted are still live and are flourishing.

Forget it. No point writing what everyone knows. Well this is making my marketing concepts clearer. You tell your customers whats good to buy, they agree with you, still there is a gap between whats rational and what they do.

I have put up a new desktop wallpaper a couple of days back... A cuteeeeeeeeeeee little girl.

Is'nt she cute... Shweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetu little girl...

Ok let me ask you a question. What was the first thought that struck you, the moment you saw the pic? Post your thought in comments plz before you read on (at least I will have some comments :) )..

Now, let me share with you one of the comments that I got for my- such a lovely- desktop wallpaper. A colleague of mine, said- why have you put a Muslim girl's photo. I was stun for a moment. And looked it again I realized- yes, I think she did look a little Muslim-ish. So? So what?

Just for your information, the guy is in second year of MBA with me. He is graduate with some work experience and soon to be an MBA diploma holder. He belongs to a well to do family and I am pretty sure, he is an atheist, perhaps a "Hindu atheist".
If this is the mindset of educated people, what about the people who don't know to read, who blindly follow the media.

Media doesn't talk about the religion of maoists or LTTE, that once existed, or Veerapan, or the numerous other miscreants that have existed. The 7 sister states in the east have been suffering with terrorism over god knows how many years. The situation their is worst than in J & K. More people have visited J & K compared to Assam or Meghalaya- despite Shillong being the Scotland of east & the green forests in the 7 states are the lungs of India. More bombs explode in Assam alone (an average of 2 bombs in a normal week), as compared to J & K. There is a huge Tea production and huge growth potential in the east. But no one talks about the problems there or about the religion of the people doing that.
Everything is ignored just because this region has lesser vote bank density than J & K?

Well the hatred is so much imbibed in some people that they fail to value the human life before the religions- which actually mean nothing more than a surname to most of us.

Just to inform you, I still have this image intact on my desktop- and its still beautiful. And those who see her Muslim-ish attire before her beautiful eyes may rest in hell..

The only image thats coming to my mind right now is- Nehru wearing his typical suit with a red rose in his pocket & with a smirk smile on his face, as if saying- I am still alive.


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