Happy Teachers Day

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Belated Happy Teachers Day. I want to thank all my teachers.
Guru in our culture is given a place above God. In our mythological stories you will find the name of the Guru of any personality who is of significance. Guru is given greater importance than even the vaidya (doctors of the ancient times); because doctor can only save the life but the Guru tells you what to do with it.

However, recently I was listening to Sugata Mitra’s lecture; he says "A teacher, who can be replaced by a computer, should be". If this is the case then probably, most of the teachers who have taught me since kinder garden would be replaced by boxes. In fact in retrospect, I realise, I might have done better learning thrugh computers, than most of the teachers who taught me in school and college.

So is the species of teachers heading towards extinction?

This reminds me of Mahabharata. How did Ekalvya learn the art of Archery so well? He did not have a Teacher... he learnt on his own.

Dronacharya was an inspiration. Mahabharata seem to emphasis the fact that what makes you learn is more important than how you learn? It clearly defines the job of a teacher and the process of learning. It’s not the resources, or any teacher you need for learning. You just need a source of inspiration, determination and constant motivation, and the learning will follow.

In fact in Buddhism there is no God, Buddha is supposed to be a teacher. People who have never seen Buddha are his students. Even Hinduism teaches you to lead life.

It’s like this- you give a hungry man fish he will get hungry again. You teach him to fish, he never  be hungry, but he will never enjoy fishing. You inspire a man to learn fishing, he will himself find more innovative ways to fish, he will love the job and will be proud of his achievement.

Of about the 100 of teachers that have taught me, I remember only a few who made a difference in my life, who actually just inspired me to learn & the learning has followed, and I am still motivated to learn. I am not motivated to learn most of the things that were spoon fed.

The schools like DPS, CMS etc., are factories that have an assembly line arrangement for producing quality products. But are their teachers actually creating any value for the system? If you spoon feed kids which is meaningless to them, they may get good grades but how many enjoy studying. Science is given priority over social science. Why? No wonder the students who take up these subjects are so demotivated. No wonder our country is in such a debilitated state.

Respecting teachers is not something to be taught; you are bound to respect a person you look up to.
Talk to your parents/ grandparents, they will tell you how their teachers influenced them.

In reality, teaching is the most innovative job. Teachers who cry, that they do a thankless job are actually doing injustice to the society and depriving the innocent of the joy of learning. They not only deprive the society of the innovation but also insult the job they have been chosen for.

Concluding the post I just want to say that life gives you what you deserve. And teaching is not a thankless job. It’s the way you do it.

Yin and Yang

Saturday, September 11, 2010
Just watched - The legend of Bhagat Singh for 20th time. He was a great man. In fact the whole breed of Indian freedom fighters was great. Bhagat Singh, Ashfaqullah Khan, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Lala Lajpat Rai, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Gandhi (I don't prefer to call him Mahatma, as many others also deserve this title, he wasn't alone), Ram Prasad Bismil..... list goes on and on and on... But you don't realize whats good unless you know what is bad. so on the other side we had Nehru and his good for nothing heirs. The seeds of hatred and enmity they planted are still live and are flourishing.

Forget it. No point writing what everyone knows. Well this is making my marketing concepts clearer. You tell your customers whats good to buy, they agree with you, still there is a gap between whats rational and what they do.

I have put up a new desktop wallpaper a couple of days back... A cuteeeeeeeeeeee little girl.

Is'nt she cute... Shweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetu little girl...

Ok let me ask you a question. What was the first thought that struck you, the moment you saw the pic? Post your thought in comments plz before you read on (at least I will have some comments :) )..

Now, let me share with you one of the comments that I got for my- such a lovely- desktop wallpaper. A colleague of mine, said- why have you put a Muslim girl's photo. I was stun for a moment. And looked it again I realized- yes, I think she did look a little Muslim-ish. So? So what?

Just for your information, the guy is in second year of MBA with me. He is graduate with some work experience and soon to be an MBA diploma holder. He belongs to a well to do family and I am pretty sure, he is an atheist, perhaps a "Hindu atheist".
If this is the mindset of educated people, what about the people who don't know to read, who blindly follow the media.

Media doesn't talk about the religion of maoists or LTTE, that once existed, or Veerapan, or the numerous other miscreants that have existed. The 7 sister states in the east have been suffering with terrorism over god knows how many years. The situation their is worst than in J & K. More people have visited J & K compared to Assam or Meghalaya- despite Shillong being the Scotland of east & the green forests in the 7 states are the lungs of India. More bombs explode in Assam alone (an average of 2 bombs in a normal week), as compared to J & K. There is a huge Tea production and huge growth potential in the east. But no one talks about the problems there or about the religion of the people doing that.
Everything is ignored just because this region has lesser vote bank density than J & K?

Well the hatred is so much imbibed in some people that they fail to value the human life before the religions- which actually mean nothing more than a surname to most of us.

Just to inform you, I still have this image intact on my desktop- and its still beautiful. And those who see her Muslim-ish attire before her beautiful eyes may rest in hell..

The only image thats coming to my mind right now is- Nehru wearing his typical suit with a red rose in his pocket & with a smirk smile on his face, as if saying- I am still alive.

Story of a seed

Saturday, April 24, 2010

This post is dedicated to a friend who feels that she could have been a different person if only her parents allowed her to choose for herself...

All of us at some point have let go of our preferences and let our parents choose for us. We compromise our preferences so that they can be happy.

Let’s consider a seed. When a seed is sown, it is buried under soil. Soil protects the seed, provides it the vital nutrients, everything the seed needs, with the only expectation that one day the seed will break the barrier of soil to stand high. The seed will grow to become a tree spreading its branches across the forest.

The tree has to grow tall and strong, and hold on to the soil. Soil is its foundation- the values a person carries through his life. Soil has to support the tree but what use is the soil that crushes the seed under its own weight. The seed has to grow and make its foundations proud.

Uff enough of horticulture. Getting back to human beings. We have to live our lives. No one wants to suppress you, they are just protective. It’s your first test of survival. You have to break free. And the best part is you fight the people with the best intentions for you; People who will let you make mistakes. They will be there to help you whenever you need them. Even a tree completely cutoff will grow again, because the soil will support it.

People go explore your way, take all the help things from your parents. They will be proud of you if you break free and explore your life. You have to stand tall in life so that your parents admire you and struggles to bring you up are paid off.

People say they could have been a different self if only their parents had let them make their own choice. I believe people who think so should stop fooling around, including you my friend. You have insulted all the education and all the efforts they put in to bring you up. Firstly it was your choice to let others choose for you- you are weak, your parents want you to be strong. Secondly, if you are still not satisfied, I have a question for you- how do you expect a seed to stand tall in high winds and bear the extremities of climate if it is crushed under the weight of the soil? The so called compromises you make are the most cowardly way of facing a challenge. If you let others decide things for you, you are disrespecting the education, guidance, values that your parents have given you.

Oops I think I am sounding too selfish… What about the thanks giving? What about their expectations? Hmmm… Tell me something do you ask your mommy what she wants for her budday. Dumbo apply your brains. They don’t want anything from us, infact do you think, you can give something to the people who gave you life, we are too small. Only thing we can do is a surprise (not shock them ok..) them a little. Make them happy in our own way.

Ok now mujhe bhook lagi hai. Mummy.. khaana…..

I love you mommy and daddy… And the last thing in the world I want is my dear mommy daddy to read these inspiring and revolutionary ideas of mine.

Finally I have something to say.. Thanks mom. Thanks dad. And thanks to that dumb friend who inspired me to write this crap… And thanks to all the people who had nothing better than to read this post...

My Intro- Hi I am Priyanshu. Naam toh suna hi hoga

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hi All,

PFB my intro in blog.

Waise toh "Priyanshu", naam hi kaafi hai, still read more to know me better.

Sorry about the email syndrome, I am a software Engineer.. Emailing is in my blood. Ignore that.

I know you are aware; this is recession period that’s why I have come to this site to post some peice of my mind. Its better that instead of sitting and wondering about my future, I do something constructive. You know, its better to publish your worries & relax when you see others who get more worried than you are. Wicked Sunny...

Recruiters if you are reading, visit me on BestEmployeeOnEarth.com.


I am afraid the site is down for maintenance. Those guys,my cohorts, just found 1059 new skills in me. And you know what, they want to post all of them on the site!!! Please excuse them, they will take some time.


Ok about me, as a very professional Indian guy:

I am a software engineer just worried about my near future (I know I will make it big in the far future). Everyday some companies go bust; more companies lay off employees; many more companies cancel the appraisals. Software industry is tensed. Last week Satyam was introuble and every Satyocian (as in Infocian for Infy) is worried. And why only Satyocian, everyone associated to IT sector is worried. But you know I am really inspired by Mr. Ramalinga Raju. After all it’s not easy to do such a big fraud. But seriously who can grow without any frauds. I am not talking red tape in India, look any where in the world. It’s not possible to run your business without showing false accounts etc.

Mr. RR could actually take Satyam to those heights just because of those frauds. And I cannot swallow the fact that he alone gulped all those several thousand crore of funds. Any way we all know RR will be out soon, he must be having many well wishers in politics. After all he is a wise man and he must have made right arrangements before going to jail. He will get off jail in some months and live happily ever after. After all that’s why people say you get paid back in the same life!

Gud luk Mr. RR. Great job- for taking Satyam to those heights; not for getting caught!!! Chor woh jo pakda jaaye...


Anyway this blog is about my intro; not about someone whose photo is published on front page of the news paper daily. I seriously feel jealous. After all he is not giving back those thousand crores.

Ok now about me as a person. Well I don’t have to tell you much- watch any Hindi movie and listen to my intro- The aam aadmi waala dialog- I stand in Q, sit at home without Bijli Paani, etc. Think of all that crap..

We are all in the same boat just that I am posting the thoughts & you are reading them.

Thats it for today. I know you want more, but I got to sleep now. Anyway before I close, these Blogger guys will ask you to post comments about my Article. Post some good comments about this blog.


The Priyanshu Jain


Ah.. that email syndrome.

Cheers Guys & Gals!!!