Story of a seed

Saturday, April 24, 2010

This post is dedicated to a friend who feels that she could have been a different person if only her parents allowed her to choose for herself...

All of us at some point have let go of our preferences and let our parents choose for us. We compromise our preferences so that they can be happy.

Let’s consider a seed. When a seed is sown, it is buried under soil. Soil protects the seed, provides it the vital nutrients, everything the seed needs, with the only expectation that one day the seed will break the barrier of soil to stand high. The seed will grow to become a tree spreading its branches across the forest.

The tree has to grow tall and strong, and hold on to the soil. Soil is its foundation- the values a person carries through his life. Soil has to support the tree but what use is the soil that crushes the seed under its own weight. The seed has to grow and make its foundations proud.

Uff enough of horticulture. Getting back to human beings. We have to live our lives. No one wants to suppress you, they are just protective. It’s your first test of survival. You have to break free. And the best part is you fight the people with the best intentions for you; People who will let you make mistakes. They will be there to help you whenever you need them. Even a tree completely cutoff will grow again, because the soil will support it.

People go explore your way, take all the help things from your parents. They will be proud of you if you break free and explore your life. You have to stand tall in life so that your parents admire you and struggles to bring you up are paid off.

People say they could have been a different self if only their parents had let them make their own choice. I believe people who think so should stop fooling around, including you my friend. You have insulted all the education and all the efforts they put in to bring you up. Firstly it was your choice to let others choose for you- you are weak, your parents want you to be strong. Secondly, if you are still not satisfied, I have a question for you- how do you expect a seed to stand tall in high winds and bear the extremities of climate if it is crushed under the weight of the soil? The so called compromises you make are the most cowardly way of facing a challenge. If you let others decide things for you, you are disrespecting the education, guidance, values that your parents have given you.

Oops I think I am sounding too selfish… What about the thanks giving? What about their expectations? Hmmm… Tell me something do you ask your mommy what she wants for her budday. Dumbo apply your brains. They don’t want anything from us, infact do you think, you can give something to the people who gave you life, we are too small. Only thing we can do is a surprise (not shock them ok..) them a little. Make them happy in our own way.

Ok now mujhe bhook lagi hai. Mummy.. khaana…..

I love you mommy and daddy… And the last thing in the world I want is my dear mommy daddy to read these inspiring and revolutionary ideas of mine.

Finally I have something to say.. Thanks mom. Thanks dad. And thanks to that dumb friend who inspired me to write this crap… And thanks to all the people who had nothing better than to read this post...


arpit said...

bhaai jisko patana tha wo to pati nahi , he na bolo bolo , ab teri umra ho gayi he

Abhishek said...

trust me, its not a crap by any means..

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