My Intro- Hi I am Priyanshu. Naam toh suna hi hoga

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hi All,

PFB my intro in blog.

Waise toh "Priyanshu", naam hi kaafi hai, still read more to know me better.

Sorry about the email syndrome, I am a software Engineer.. Emailing is in my blood. Ignore that.

I know you are aware; this is recession period that’s why I have come to this site to post some peice of my mind. Its better that instead of sitting and wondering about my future, I do something constructive. You know, its better to publish your worries & relax when you see others who get more worried than you are. Wicked Sunny...

Recruiters if you are reading, visit me on


I am afraid the site is down for maintenance. Those guys,my cohorts, just found 1059 new skills in me. And you know what, they want to post all of them on the site!!! Please excuse them, they will take some time.


Ok about me, as a very professional Indian guy:

I am a software engineer just worried about my near future (I know I will make it big in the far future). Everyday some companies go bust; more companies lay off employees; many more companies cancel the appraisals. Software industry is tensed. Last week Satyam was introuble and every Satyocian (as in Infocian for Infy) is worried. And why only Satyocian, everyone associated to IT sector is worried. But you know I am really inspired by Mr. Ramalinga Raju. After all it’s not easy to do such a big fraud. But seriously who can grow without any frauds. I am not talking red tape in India, look any where in the world. It’s not possible to run your business without showing false accounts etc.

Mr. RR could actually take Satyam to those heights just because of those frauds. And I cannot swallow the fact that he alone gulped all those several thousand crore of funds. Any way we all know RR will be out soon, he must be having many well wishers in politics. After all he is a wise man and he must have made right arrangements before going to jail. He will get off jail in some months and live happily ever after. After all that’s why people say you get paid back in the same life!

Gud luk Mr. RR. Great job- for taking Satyam to those heights; not for getting caught!!! Chor woh jo pakda jaaye...


Anyway this blog is about my intro; not about someone whose photo is published on front page of the news paper daily. I seriously feel jealous. After all he is not giving back those thousand crores.

Ok now about me as a person. Well I don’t have to tell you much- watch any Hindi movie and listen to my intro- The aam aadmi waala dialog- I stand in Q, sit at home without Bijli Paani, etc. Think of all that crap..

We are all in the same boat just that I am posting the thoughts & you are reading them.

Thats it for today. I know you want more, but I got to sleep now. Anyway before I close, these Blogger guys will ask you to post comments about my Article. Post some good comments about this blog.


The Priyanshu Jain


Ah.. that email syndrome.

Cheers Guys & Gals!!!


Abhilasha said...

hey...nice work.. :)

Software Engineers ka naam roshan kar diya tune.. :D keep it up...... :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Good one priyanshu....
looking forward to read more intro abt u :D

Richa said...

nice webpage..

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